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Saturn, June 9, 2015 using 14 inch Celestron SCT and skyris camera, blended from 7 sequences of 2000 images each.

See more saturn images here.

Uranus   Uranus, September 30, 2014 -- imaged using C14 and 2X barlow and Skyris camera.
  Mars 4-16-2014 -- Animated image using color Skyris imager,Using C14 and 2x Barlow, with exposures about 1/250 s and gain of about .89. Enhanced from 2000 image sequence using Registax. See more images of mars here.
Jupiter Animation   Jupiter 1-25-2015 -- Animated image made using Celestron 14-inch with 2.75X Barlow lense and color Skyris camera. 2000 images were shot at 10 minute intervals and processed with Registax to create 22 images that were combined to make GIF animation. Click to see full image. For more animated Jupiter images go here.
Whirlpool   3-21-2014 -- Whirlpool Galaxy imaged with Celestron 14" SCT using Celestron Nightscape 8300 CCD camera. This represents ten 200 second exposures stacked. Off axis auto-guiding helped limit the smearing of stars.

Ring Nebula   2013 - 09 - 23 -- The Ring Nebula, from seven stacked 60 second exposures using Celestron 14" SCT and Celestron Nightscape 8300 CCD camera. You can see the white dot in the middle that is the remnant of white dwarf left from the explosion that created the planetary nebula.

Orion Nebula   March 13, 2013 - the Orion Nebula, 3 averaged 40 second exposures through Skywatcher 120 mm refractor captured through Celestron Nightscape 8300 camera

Libya Eclipse   March 29, 2006 -- Solar Eclipse photographed in the southern desert of Libya.

  11-18-2001 - The Leonid meteor storm as witnessed from a mountain top in Chiricahua National Monument. Individual fireballs were imaged through a night-vision scope and the pieced together to make this movie, to the music of Spiro Gyra. For more details of that adventure, visit this page. Enjoy!

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